New York Biology Teachers Association
The New York Biology Teachers Association was founded in 1899. We are a non-profit organization with an all volunteer staff. Through its activities, the NYBTA seeks to promote an understanding and appreciation of Biology among all citizens
  • to interest students in furthering their study of the Biological sciences
  • to assist in the professional growth of Biology teachers
  • to voice the concerns of educators
  • to provide a climate in which Biology teachers can enjoy "doing science"
NYBTA gives you an opportunity to meet other Biology educators in the Greater New York area.
  • You can join with your colleagues at lectures, workshops and field trips. NYBTA's activities will help you grow professionally, as well as socially.
  • Our mailings will give you information on NYBTA happenings including workshops, seminars, field trips and social events in the Greater New York City Area.
Some of the special programs and services of the NYBTA are:
  • The Executive Board plans events and discusses goals and policy. Through the board, action can be taken by the NYBTA in response to issues that pertain to the teaching of Biology.
  • Meetings include a variety of events:
    • Scientific lectures
    • Tours of lab facilities
    • Field trips to museums, zoos, aquariums, parks, etc.
    • Educational workshops
  • Meetings give you an opportunity to learn new classroom techniques that you can adapt for your classroom.
  • The Otto Burgdorf Student Science Conference and Competition. Students of NYBTA members can enter their research papers, in any area of science, in this annual competition. The students chosen to receive top honors have the opportunity to present their papers at the annual Otto Burgdorf Student Science Conference. Participating students learn how to do research with their peers, as well as from interested educators.
  • Special Events including seminars and scientific symposia are occasionally arranged with the Board of Education or their scientific organizations or government agencies.
  • As a member organization of the Science Council of New York City, NYBTA plays a major role in city-wide science efforts including the annual SCONYC Conference.
  • Representatives also meet with the National Association of Biology Teachers, the National Science Teachers Association and the Science Teachers Association of New York State.
New York Biology Teachers Association


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